Amongst activities recently or presently on offer are:- judo, football, netball, swimming, computers, art, science, drama, keyboards, guitars, recorders, choir, gardening, lace making and gymnastics. We pride ourselves on the involvement of parents and members of the community and we always welcome any new initiatives.

These activities vary throughout the year and may be run by staff or parents. It is important that children realise that regular attendance is expected once they have made a commitment to a club and if for any reason they are unable to go on any occasion an explanation should be given beforehand to the leader of the club or group concerned.


Forest Schools

We now have a member of staff who is fully trained to lead children in Forest Schools. This is a very exciting development for us which makes good use of our beautiful grounds.


School Visits

These take place from time to time during the year and may be on a whole school, class or group basis. They are used as stimuli for all kinds of work back at school. Parents will be asked to fill in a general consent form for local visits involving no financial outlay, and may be assured that a member of staff and suitable numbers of adults will accompany the visit.

Under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988 no charge can be made for school activities during the school day or outside the school day if the activity is part of the curriculum. If a school visit is further afield the school may have to request a voluntary contribution for transport from parents. There is access to some funds for parents who find funding visits challenging.

The fact that such activities still take place is entirely due to the generosity of parents in responding to these requests. A full copy of the Governors Policy Statement on charging is available in the school office.


Residential Visits

The older children in the school (years 4, 5 and 6) have the chance to go on an extended residential visit. Places visited in recent years include Yenworthy in Devon. This is an important and exciting time for them and as well as the educational benefit helps develop personal and social skills. The visit is carefully planned and led by qualified staff so that all children can participate fully and safely throughout the time spent away.