If your child is absent from school please telephone the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence. A written note must be sent into school when your child returns to school explaining the absence. Unauthorised absences (those for which no reason is given) have to be recorded and reported to parents annually and details given in the school’s prospectus.

If your child has an appointment at hospital, clinic etc please let us know in advance by informing the school office by e-mail or verbally. You may then collect him or her directly from the classroom, however please ensure you book them out of the building by seeing the school office.

We recognise that absence from school will result in children not achieving their full potential and we cannot condone parents taking their children out of school during term time for holidays. If you feel that your child will need to be absent from school for any length of time please fill in a form and return to the headteacher at least 2 weeks prior to the absence. Holiday absences are not authorised. Please note that authorisation of absence rests with the headteacher who has to follow specific guidelines from the government.

Children are not allowed to leave the school premises unaccompanied at any time during the school day unless we have received prior notification from the parent.